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Automatic Gate Repair & Installation

Located in the Bay Area, with our expert services spanning the Santa Clara and San Jose communities, RNA Automatic Gates is a specialist in detailed automatic gate repairs and precision installations. Our experienced team has experience with a variety of gate designs, from streamlined rollers and tracks to advanced access control systems, highlighting our commitment to unparalleled technical skill and know-how service. Our focus remains on providing impeccable service and deep expertise on every project. When you choose to partner with our family-owned business, you’re not just purchasing a service; you enhance the functionality, security and aesthetic appeal of your commercial or residential properties. 

This is what sets us apart. Our standout characteristics and unique advantages are the backbone of our service. 

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Top Notch Automatic Gates Related Services

At RNA Automatic Gates, our expertise lies in the specialised repair and installation of automatic gates. Based in the Bay Area, we understand local weather conditions and how they affect the longevity of your gate. That’s why our service prioritizes the use of high quality brands and galvanized metal, ensuring that your gate not only runs smoothly, but also withstands the elements. With a strong position in the industry, our offerings cover a wide range of gate solutions, backed by a solid labor and material guarantee.

Gate Repair Menlo Park

By combining the best brands and durable materials, our methods ensure the gates we install are functional, durable and weather resistant, as well as longevity with low maintenance costs.

Gate Repair Newark

Even the sturdiest gates face wear over time. We address these issues with our repair services, revitalizing and restoring optimal functionality using reliable materials and modern techniques.

Gate Repair East Palo Alto

Our gate opener repair solutions resolve malfunctions swiftly, ensuring smooth access by addressing the root cause with advanced techniques, restoring your gate to prime efficiency.

Gate Repair Fremont

We specialize in advanced access control systems, balancing security and convenience. Gain efficient entry management with our expert solutions, enhancing safety measures seamlessly.

Ensure gate resilience and efficiency with our maintenance services, focusing on regular checks and adjustments, addressing minor issues proactively to maintain superior gate performance.

Reliable gates are vital for businesses, blending security and aesthetics. We provide robust, efficient, and stylish gate solutions, addressing commercial needs with precision and professionalism.

RNA Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates Experts

Our dedicated team, backed by years of hands-on experience, ensures each project benefits from top-tier brand collaborations and a professional approach to gate mechanics and systems. With a commitment to delivering prompt, same-day services, we solidify our standing as trusted experts in the area. Family ownership strengthens our dedication, driving us to maintain and exceed industry standards. Our labor and materials guarantee is a testament to our unwavering focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

SAFE & SECURE Automatic Gates

We Offer You A Best Flowless Services !

At RNA Automatic Gates, we take pride in offering you the epitome of seamless service excellence. Our commitment to flawless craftsmanship shines through in every facet of automatic gate repair and installation. Picture a gate that effortlessly swings open with precision, or a system that responds to your commands without a hitch. We make these visions a reality. Whether it’s swift gate installations, meticulous repairs, or same-day service, we ensure your experience is as smooth as the gates we handle.


Why Choose Us!

Choosing RNA Automatic Gates means opting for top-tier expertise in automatic gate services. Our team specialises in a myriad of gate solutions, including the precise repair and installation of both residential and commercial automatic gates. We understand the intricacies of various gate components – from openers and rollers to tracks and convenient access control systems.

What sets us apart? A commitment to high-quality materials, like galvanized metal and powder-coated coloring, ensuring durability. Plus, our same-day service promise speaks to our dedication to the Bay Area, Santa Clara, and San Jose communities. Rely on us to make your property not only more secure but also more accessible.

Modern techique

Our cutting-edge technology ensures efficient, up-to-date automatic gate solutions.

Best Materials

We use only top-quality materials, guaranteeing durability and longevity for your gates.

Experienced Team

Our skilled professionals bring years of expertise to every gate repair and installation project.

24*7 Support

We're here round the clock to assist with any gate service inquiries or emergencies.

Money Cost

Reasons For People Choosing Us

Working with top brands

Leveraging industry-leading brands ensures maximum gate functionality and aesthetic appeal.

powder coded coloring

Our gates boast a durable finish, providing both a visually striking appearance and heightened resistance

galvanized metal

Using galvanized metal ensures your gate stands resilient against rust, maintaining strength and beauty over time.

same day service

Prompt response and efficient execution mean you experience minimal downtime, restoring gate functionality swiftly.

family-owned and operated

Our foundation is built on family values, ensuring each project is treated with personal attention and dedication.

warranty on labor and materials

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, cEvery service is backed by a robust warranty, emphasizing our commitment to quality and long-lasting results.

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